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That we remain a Client-Centric organization, with our clients and employees as our number one priority, and continue embracing the core belief that “everything begins, and ends with our clients.”

That we are Accountable to ourselves, our clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders.

That we must continuously conduct ourselves professionally, in all situations, with the highest levels of Integrity in our hearts, always.

That we always be Honest and forthright with our clients, employees, vendors, and partners.

That Quality of service never take a back seat to anything other than exceeding expectations.

That we continue Fostering an environment for our employees that allows for both personal & professional growth and development.

That we Respect and listen to everyone.

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About Wayne Companies

A Change Agent in the commercial R.E. industry since 2014.


“To establish prosperous, long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients while meeting their service needs.  We help propel our client’s asset holdings with an enterprising model for success…”

“…by way of a fully engaged consultancy approach to maximizing the client & asset needs combined, and formulating the exact solutions to deliver on those needs. Our success is unequivocally based on our performance– nothing else.”

-Henry W. Rodriguez, CEO


We work closely with Commercial & Residential Property Managers, Owners, Developers, Architects, and Agents, on rental / lease property portfolios needing immediate, fast, and quality servicing.

We work with all sized companies and municipal agencies through a rapidly expanding implementation of today’s technology & services to combat unique and critical business challenges.

We know that you could choose from several other service providers. However, our goal is more than to be a service provider, we aspire to be your vendor-partner. Which is why we always work undeterred to serve your needs, first.

We want to form a long-term relationship with aligned goals. If your needs change, we adapt. This has been the main core principle of our success.

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Who Started Wayne Companies


Henry W. Rodriguez


Henry Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Wayne Companies since its inception in 2014. His executive experience is built upon a rich mix of strategic leadership with over 20 years’ experience in property services, finance/underwriting, acquisitions, and design-engineering in commercial real estate and parking industries.

His role consists of overseeing the consulting and expansion activities of the firm, while developing planning & execution initiatives across all verticals of the company that include acquisitions, sales and marketing, operations, and finance.

His insight into Property Services is supported by a demonstrated ability to combine visionary, strategic, and tactical expertise to produce profitability in top-tier markets such as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles.

His consulting works have taken him nationally to facilitate monetizing client’ holdings on a number of private and public sector funding partnerships, by leveraging various complex commercial development projects, or re-positioning / acquiring numerous assets for our clients. He has directed the successful design and new construction of over 100 plus parking garages, real estate acquisitions, and new construction/rehab projects.

Mr. Rodriguez continues to be instrumental in delivering significant contributions to our client base through his operational re-engineering, team building, and leadership expertise in diverse environments. He has a demonstrated ability to conceptualize solutions for a broad spectrum of fiscal challenges through keen analysis and corrective execution.

From 2014 to 2016, Mr. Rodriguez served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the West New York Parking Authority in New Jersey and is currently serving on the Town of Guttenberg Joint Planning/Zoning Board since 2019. As a native New Yorker, he received his education from the Metropolitan College School of Business of New York, with course works in the Architectural Program at Parsons School of Design, and the Investment Banking Institute of N.Y.

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I have known Henry for over 20 years and worked closely with him in professional capacities at Central Parking Corp. and Parking Company of America Airports. Henry is a consummate professional and has a through understanding of all aspects of facility and operations management, design and capital projects. He has taken complex projects from inception to completion with close attention to detail and results. In addition, he is an excellent manager of people and develops relationships that only strengthen over time. I highly recommend the man and his work.

Bill Gottlin
Founder at


Henry and I met while I was providing service for his employer, One Parking, at Anaheim Garden Walk Mall. While providing IT Support Services to Henry at this location, Henry always impressed me as a person of action and integrity that always lead to results. I am always impressed at how Henry could walk into situations that seemed to be a chaotic to me, and others, and took that opportunity quickly from questions to answers by displaying control and confidence that gained obvious support from his staff ... while avoiding any appearance of being heavy handed or disrespectful. Make no mistake Henry is *in charge* but 'subtle control' and 'confidence' are offered by while Henry is steering the ship. Without question I endorse and recommend Henry to anyone looking to accomplish and move their project forward in a positive and results driven atmosphere.

Roger Otterson

President at Qualitec


I hired Henry to reorganize a troubled Western Region of PCAA. Henry succeeded in improving our bottom line, enhancing our client relationships and developing our personnel. Henry has great integrity and a "can do attitude" that makes him invaluable to any organization. I highly recommend Henry.

Charles Huntzinger 

Former CEO/President PCAA

bob c.jpg

Henry is a consummate parking professional who has a grasp on all aspects of parking from design/start-up to final operations. Working with Henry has been a rewarding experience and an example of dedication to our industry.

Bob Chapman
Partner/Vice President of Premier Parking

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